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With Swaprol v1, you will enjoy profitable arbitrage by selecting the best cryptocurrency exchanges and dEXes you want, which can list on a single page. Block Explorer


In total, 35 million Swaprol will be sold.The funds raised will be used for the development of the project.

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In case the customer wants to use the trading functions in 1 click or auto-trade, he has Premium packages to his services. In this case, payment for Arbitrage Swaprol services is set as a percentage for the volume traded in the form of SWAPROL, SWAPROL, and Bitcoin tokens. In fact, this is the same commission that the client pays for any transaction on the stock exchange. The main difference is that the customer pays the Swaprol commission, making almost any profitable trades. The actual size of the commission will be approximately 2-5% of the profit, depending on the volume. Download
Token Distribution

Token distribution transparency scheme

As Swaprol team, we expressly declare all data. Full details about token distribution are below.

DEX Liquditiy :10,000,000
ICO Sale Reserve : 30,000,000
Airdrop Reserve :10,000,000
Marketing Reserve :20,000,000
Team Reserve : BURN
Bounty Reserve : 15,000,000

Ticker: SWPRL
Max Total Supply:100,000,000 SWPRL


Our Roadmap

We have published a roadmap for the future plans of the Swaprol project. We'll stick to the program as a team.
  • November 2020
    Project Formation
  • January 2021
    ICO Sale Start
  • February 2021
    ICO SALE End
  • February 2021
    Token distribution
  • February 2021
    DEX Listing + Liquidity
  • February/March 2021
    Other Exchange Listing
  • March 2021
    Company Establishment
  • March 2021
    V1 Platform Start
  • March 2021
    Mobile App Release
  • June 2021
    V2 Platform Beta
  • August 2021
    V2 Platform Release
  • January 2022
    Wallet Service Support

What Is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

An initial coin offering (ICO) is the cryptocurrency industry’s equivalent to an initial public offering (IPO). A company looking to raise money to create a new coin, app, or service launches an ICO as a way to raise funds. Interested investors can buy into the offering and receive a new cryptocurrency token issued by the company. This token may have some utility in using the product or service the company is offering, or it may just represent a stake in the company or project. Join Presale

Meet Our Team

Swaprol was founded by experienced people in its field.
Garen Fabroni
Garen Fabroni
Programmer, founder of Swaprol.
Octave Orlena
Octave Orlena
Software Leader
Programmer, trader, layout designer, specialist.
Darell Cannan
Darell Cannan
Marketing Manager.
Marketer, trader, information security specialist, work with partners,.

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